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Can Humans Get Worms From Cats

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Ringworm In Cats Symptoms: Can Humans Get Worms From Cats

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Though some parasites are feline specific and will not infect humans certain worms do not discriminate between a cat and a person. If your cat becomes infected with worms it is possible that you or your family could become infected as well. Worms are prevajewelryt in cats particularly kittens and outdoor cats.Author Jessica GomezHumans can also be infected with feline hookworms. As with roundworms eggs are excreted in the feces of infected cats. These become infectious after five to 10 days in the environment when they have developed in to larvae or juvenile worms capable of Humans become infected with roundworms when they ingest infective eggs from the soil or from their hands or another object. Large numbers of the eggs can acjewelryulate in the soil where dogs and cats are allowed to defecate. The eggs are sticky and can collect on the hands and under the fingernails of people.

Several different kinds of parasitic worms can be pjewelryed from cats to humans via contact with infected animals or contaminated environments. Handling cat feces such as when cleaning the litter box is one frequent route of cross infection. Some parasites can also survive in contaminated water or soil. Keep Learning.Cat hookworms (A. braziliense) are parasites similar to roundworms. Technically hookworms are a type of roundworms. These worms from your cat can get into human bodies from the infectious larvae of the worm. The larvae can be found in your kittys feces so if you have contact with the feces you can get hookworm.These worms enter the human host usually through the skin. More often than not the infestation occurs from the person walking through contaminated soil with bare feet. A rash with incredible itching will be noticed at the site of entry. The person

Cats can get tapeworms from fleas mice or other rodents. Flea control is an important step in protecting your cat from tapeworms. People rarely are affected by cat tapeworms. Other kinds of worms that cats can get include heartworms hookworms and roundworms.Have your veterinarian treat your dogs and cats especially young animals regularly for worms. Wash your hands well with soap and water after playing with your pets and after outdoor activities especially before you eat. Do not allow children to play in areas that are soiled with pet or other animal stool.Jan 06 2011 Tapeworm Causes. Six types of tapeworms are known to infect people. They are usually identified by the animals they come from -- for example Taenia saginata from beef Taenia solium from pork and Diphyllobothrium latum from fish. Tapeworms have a three-stage lifecycle egg an imjewelry stage called a larvaIf your cat suffers weight loss dull hair and a potbellied appearance it may have a major roundworm infection. You may see roundworms in your cats feces or vomit. Your veterinarian can help you with roundworm prevention examination and treatment. Other kinds of worms that cats can get include heartworms hookworms and tapeworms.

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