Consider an implant supported denture

Are your teeth missing either in the lower or upper jaw or do you simply wish to improve the shape of the mouth for that beautiful smile? Dental implant-supported dentures will make this true and much more. These fixtures offer great support and stability for the teeth. The denture fixation method assures that the dentures […]

Restore your smile with dental implant bridge

There are three different parts that make up dental implants: an artificial tooth, a metal abutment and the metal implant itself, which is similar to a screw. The implant is placed to the jawbone surgically, where the surrounding bone and tissue starts to meld and fuse with the implant. After this has happened, an abutment […]

Replace a missing tooth with a dental implant

So you have a missing tooth, what should you do now? A dental implant is the key. Dental implants offer not just an effective and long term solution, but also a natural-looking substitute that becomes a part of the jawbone that helps maintain your dental health. It has been available in the market since the […]

Prevent bone loss with a dental implant

Did you used to think that missing teeth only led to chewing difficulties and a bad smile? Well, you need to know that it does much more than that because your teeth naturally preserve the jawbone. When you lose even one tooth, your jawbone starts deteriorating and leads to additional tooth loss. In the long […]